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ECOFITEXT (Ecological Fibres for Textile) specialises in eco-fibre production and earth-friendly textile products from the agricultural waste of banana trees grown by local farmers in Burundi.


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About Us
We are leading the way in grass roots circular economic innovation, working to uplift communities, create jobs, establish sustainable farming practices and build strong links with international textile and fashion communities. We believe that waste is not waste, but rather a good resource of creation, an opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions, solve climate change problems, create cleaner rivers and lakes, and improve unemployment of youth and women. Banana fibre comes from the stem of the banana tree, which after harvesting is normally discarded. ECOFITEXT buys stems from collectives of local farmers. After we extract the fibre, the residue left over is fermented and used by farmers as an organic fertiliser.
Our Vision
Our Vision is to build a thriving, local, green economy and become a major supplier of natural fibres and ecological products to the sustainable textile and fashion industry.